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On WCHL's "This Morning with Aaron Keck"
Parr Center Staff
Hosting a Parr Center Graduate Fellows Meeting
Ancient Philosophy Public Humanities
Presenting Medea at Carolina Meadows
Presenting Medea at UNC
Ancient Philosophy Reading Group
Our reading group won a book grant!
10th National High School Ethics Bowl Championship
PPE Salon on Child Allowance Tax Policy
PPE Reading Group
PPE Reading Group
PPE Salon on Social Media Regulation Policy

Public Philosophy & Professional Service

Parr Center for Ethics

As the Graduate Assistant for two years, I valued doing public philosophy and outreach as an opportunity to learn about how moral and political philosophy matters beyond the university. I won a Maynard Adams Public Humanities Fellowship to support my public philosophy work. Here's a commentary I gave at a public humanities symposium on Miranda Fricker's work.  


Here's an op-ed I recently co-wrote about a public humanities project on Seneca's Medea. I'm currently working on a video about moral anger, in partnership with TED-Ed, drawing on my research. 

I was a philosophy reader with children at Durham Academy and I co-facilitated, with Michael Vazquez, an intergenerational online ancient philosophy reading group via the Orange County Dept. on Aging.  


I ran the Parr Center Graduate Fellows program for a year, bringing together an interdisciplinary cohort of graduate students interested in ethics from departments across UNC. I was also involved in mentorship for the Parr Undergraduate Fellowshiphere's a talk I gave on How to be an Ethical Ethicist.

Philosophy, Politics, & Economics

I volunteered with the organizing committee for the 5th, 6th, and 7th PPE Society meetings. I hosted two reading groups, two salons, and invited two speakers. I'm an annual participant in the UNC PPE research workshop. I served on a tenure-track hiring search committee.

National High School Ethics Bowl

As the Graduate Assistant for the NHSEB, I worked with Alex Richardson. I designed and led outreach initiatives for NHSEBBridge, focused on increasing access for underserved high schoolers in the rural South and around the country, which I see as an investment in both a robust philosophy "pipeline" and in healthy civic discourse.


I contributed to and edited 4 pedagogical case sets of ethical scenarios, and developed judge training materials. I contributed to building up an excellent working board for the organization and to designing the new Divisional Playoffs structure. I helped organize 6 large-scale competition events, serving hundreds of students from around the US. I recruited, trained, and managed over 100 volunteers.


And I served over the past four years as a volunteer judge. I grew up on Friday night football in the Deep South, but, honestly, watching teenagers do moral philosophy is at least as fun.

Here's an article about our work and a radio interview. 

Philosophy Department

I served on the speakers committee and hiring committee, as a peer mentor, as the philosophy grad student president, as a panelist at Teacher Training Workshops, and as a mentor for a MAP-COMPASS workshop

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