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Dissertation Project

I specialize in moral philosophy, political theory, and PPE. I'm currently focused on understanding the value of our emotions, especially in political discourse. We need to understand the role of emotions in driving political polarization and maintaining social norms. And, we need to know what kind of moral obligations can be activated by encountering the emotions of loved ones, co-citizens, and strangers. 

Papers & Publications 

Paper on deliberative pedagogy as an outreach method, with Alex Richardson, under review

Review of Robert Talisse's Sustaining Democracy, for the Journal of Moral Philosophy, forthcoming

Research Communities

I've been an affiliated Fellow with the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program, the Applied Epistemology Project, the Center for Information, Technology, and Public Life, and the Parr Center for Ethics, where I've learned from senior scholars and had the opportunity to present my own projects for feedback.

Upcoming Research Presentations

PPE Society, Nov. 2023

Eastern APA, Jan. 2024

Southern Political Science Assoc., Jan. 2024

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